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Wuthering Heights !

Monkey on building roof792594

We work in Thane technically, but very often have to travel to Mumbai to attend calls. Like the one in Kandivili, where a monkey was creating havoc in a 14 storey building.
On the request of the Mumbai Forest Department, because no one else came forward to help and they did not have the man power to tackle this issue.

Monkey in net627792

Our Chief of Support Staff, Vijay Ranshur, risked his life and climbed atop the Water tank on the terrace of the 14th Floor.

The female Bonnet was caught deftly with a butterfly net.

In cage792594

She was taken for a medical check up to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Veterinarian gave her a clean chit.

Monkey release in jungle660495

In presence of the Forest Officer, she was released back to where she came from – her home, the forest.

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