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Where Does Your Food Come From

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These are not the good old days of yore. When cows were revered and loved as family members. When they grazed full day in lush green pastures and shared their milk with the family. These pictures depict the modern day dairies. Here cows spend the five to six years of their lives tied to a single post, artificially inseminated ( usually forcibly ), and their male calves sent for slaughter immediately after birth. And when they contract fatal diseases like FMD, they are thrown out till NGOs like us intervene, try to give them the last treatment and lodge police complaints.

Mumbai and Thane is experiencing an epidemic of FMD. We have lodged FIRs against only a couple of illegal dairy owners, but the pressure should come from the consumers. The consumer body needs to endorse cruelty-free milk and try to ensure the milk they source does not comes from illegal dairies or such dairies that are known to inflict pain on their animals. Alternately, there should be strict anti-cruelty norms for dairy and poultry farms so as to minimize undue agony caused to animals in this industry.

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