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Victims of Urbanisation

A female Bonnet Macaque was admitted in Thane SPCA Animal Hospital. She was battered and pregnant. For the next few days she could not even hold her head up straight or eat food and drink water. She had to be hand fed pureed fruits and fed water through a syringe. A week later, under the care of our wildlife veterinarian Dr.Yaugandha Chariar, she started to show stability. In two months time she was physically almost healed. After a complete health check up she was released back into the wild.



This female Rhesus was not so lucky. She was rescued form a Factory where she was electrocuted from a high tension electric Pole. She was thrown from a height of more than 70 Ft. With more than 70{6907b6d92825f04ff6bb316c3da6fc322b05a5a3a0269a72589356b805ca0f15} burns all over her body, she was rushed in and administered emergency treatment. This was one primate who endured painful dressing everyday, but never showed any aggression towards our staff. Her internal organs were all affected from the extensive burn and she breathed her last after 6 days of an amazing fight for life.

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