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We do not know for sure HOW this happened, we were told it was a series of blows with an iron rod. But we do know for sure that this is one gentle, cooperative dog who didn’t budge once while he was being treated, cleaned and fed. At the time of his rescue, we did not know for sure WHAT the outcome would be. In fact there was a slump in the otherwise positive outlook of our staff, looking at the broken mandible and the humongous blood loss.  But we knew for sure that we were grateful to the Universe for allowing us to serve him, who suffered so much without reason.

We have named him Veer. The crucial 72 hrs  passed, and he  fought valiantly against pain and infections after the external fixation our surgeon performed in a 3 hr procedure. 



Today, he is ready to be released back to where he came from, though our staff are in double minds to send him back to an area where the psychopath resides. Veer, now Veeru to us,  has moved us not only because of the nature of cruelty, but because of his gentleness and resilience, because he embodies in himself an example of human cruelty and human kindness

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