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She was rushed into the hospital at late evening hours by a group of youngsters. This is Frooti, they told us. Her intestines were eviscerated on presentation. She had already eaten a portion of her intestines, possibly to combat acute trauma. She was cleaned and stabilised. End to end Anastomosis was performed and 10 cm of small intestine was removed. Skin grafting was done. The tricky part was when she needed blood. At this unearthly hour, our Surgeon Dr. Vikram Dave started to send out messages to the owners of his pet patients for blood. Miraculously, there was a response from Omkar Rane, owner of an elderly, very healthy Indian dog. Frooti received her blood transfusion from a blood brother. And she was stabilised at the end of the four hour debacle.

There are way too many hurdles in operating a blood bank for animals. If it was not for Omkar, Frooti would not have left, healthy and playful, with her caretaker, two weeks later.

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