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The Story of Eva

Eva :- Admitted to Thane SPCA on 01/05/2012

History :- Found on the road outside Kapaswadi, only in a skin and bone condition, afflicted with severe distemper and still having been put through an attempt to sterilise her.

Diagnosis :- Anaemic, anorexic, cannot lift any body part from floor, severe correa, possible distemper.

Striking Feature:- Beautiful black eyes.

Prognosis :- Very Poor, suggested euthanasia

Decision of Staff at Thane SPCA :- Never Give up.

Report after one week :- Eva sitting up inside her cage

Report after a month :- Eva totters around the garden, basking in the sun. She is one voracious eater and has put on quite some extra pounds.

Decision of Dr. Vikram Dave :- Ready to be discharged. Place her in a foster home where exposure to sunlight and space to roam around will help shed the distemper virus and put on gradual health.

Readmission :- On 29/05/2012 within 36 hours of being discharged. By this time her front legs were splayed apart, and a sudden infection had attacked her.

Till the end :- Her body temperature swung between an unbelievable 90 degrees and 100 degrees daily. She was worse than skin and bones. Her blood reports suggest only an infection, her other parameters are perfectly stable.

Treatment :- On a new generation extremely expensive but hopefully effective anti biotic along with Homeopathy treatment. The whole day she was kept wrapped in an electric heating pad regulated every 15 mins.

Every day when her temperature dipped, we said a little prayer for Eva. We don’t hope to see her alive in the next hour. Every 10 mins our support staff checked her breathing with anxiety.

And every day, every hour, she fooled us by lifting her head up when food is served or when we called her by her name.

Eva was a perfect candidate for euthanasia, but one look at her eyes and we knew she wasn’t giving up. Who were we to decide to end her fight.

We decided to support Eva in her fight for survival. However expensive the treatment might get, we were right beside her to prove that there are things in Heaven and Earth that we can’t explain.

EVA - relaxing in TSPCAEva – our Little Miss Marvel took us on a marvellous journey of A DESIRE to survive. And a realisation of how merciless our Sterilisation Centres can be !!!

She crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge after 3 weeks of fight. Peacefully.

( Thanking Rinky Karmakar, Jenny Abraham and Mili Gandhi for their faith and trust in us ) .


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