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The Long Journey Home

Thane SPCA had some very special visitors in the month of April 2002.

Out of a whole lot of abused animals that were rescued from a farm in Delhi, a batch of 8 started for their new home in and around Mumbai.

A 3 day travel co-ordinated between several Animal Shelters en route ensured that the animals entered Maharashtra in one piece each.

Thane SPCA gave them a home for a month, fed, bathed and rejuvenated them, while the search for their new homes was on. These were large dogs like St Bernards, Sindhi and Bully Kuttas and a Mudhol Hound.

They were treated for their medical conditions and sterilized and vaccinated, and once they were on their 4 paws, they went to their FOREVER HOMES one by one. 7 organisations spanning 4 states worked hand in hand, working out meticulous details to ensure that each of the 32 animals rescued in 2 lots could make it hale and hearty after a lifetime of abuse.

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