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The Indomitable Munnabhai


Like in the movie of the same name ,Munnabhai MBBS had 2 things going in his mind – One that he would not give up, second, that he would take his own sweet time so that he could mesmerise our staff with his  charm and make this his permanent home.

Munna was sent to us in the month of May, from Bombay SPCA, with a classic shoulder wound with a deep pocket, which simply refused to heal. Romeo that he was, he would get into squabbles with every male cat that was admitted, which kept his wound constantly festered. It took 18 months and an intervention of 2 months of  Homeopathy medicines, that worked the magic. And of course, now his permanent home is the lap of our Receptionist, just like he had planned. 

TSPCA Hospital

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