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Sundari with bloated stomach660495

Sundari, a street dog cared for by a frequent visitor at Thane SPCA was presented with an exceptionally bloated stomach.

After an initial treatment of suspected Ascitis, which did not yield any satisfactory result for 3 days, she went in for an Emergency Sonography to determine what was wrong inside her. A litre and half of pus was purged from within.

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At this point our Surgeon Dr. Vikram Dave was requested by the caretaker to do an invasive investigation, if possible to root out the problem from the source. Sundari went through a Supra major Surgery. One of her kidneys had burst inside and about 5 litres of pus was extracted. Dr. Dave was not hopeful about the prognosis at all.

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Sundari, timid as she looked, gave her disease a tough fight for a week. After a week of palliative care, good food, warmth and love, Sundari went over the rainbow Bridge – away from all pain of the mortal world.

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