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Sheru at Thane SPCA

Thane SPCA Animal Hospital sees so many patients everyday – O.P.D as well as I.P.D patients. But some of them take away our entire attention and energy by the sheer dimension of the nature of the injuries they come with.

When we rushed to one of the busiet streets of Thane today to attend an emergency call for an injured horse, we didnt know that we would have to provide first aid to his owner and help him with Police complaint.

A private bus hit Sheru, a male 9 year old white and brown horse, in full force, while he was trotting towards the fodder dealers shop. The impact threw Sheru to the other end of the road while his owner was tossed onto the footpath leaving him badly injured too.

The bus abandoned the spot at the same speed. Our ambulance team reached the spot to find this beautiful, aged, gentle creature bang on the middle of a very busy road, bleeding. Dr. Suhas Rane, our equine expert, diagonised a probable break in the lower spine. After initial treatment on the road he was hauled onto the ambulance and admitted to our hospital.To top it all, Thane had a severe electricity cut for 9 hours today, so no radiology could be done on Sheru. Because of his sheer height and girth, as well as the fact that too much handling would cause more damage, we could not take him into the cattle ward. He was placed right outside our office room beside the garden. As soon as his pain subsided, he started munching on green grass all the while lying on his side. The owner was sent off to the police station to lodge an FIR.

The entire rescue took almost 4 hours- from 12 PM when we reached the spot to 4 PM when Sheru went off to sleep as his pain subsided.

Tomorrow is another day. We know the perpetrator will never be caught, and that Sheru has very slim chances, but here is another chance to thank all our friends, staff, donors and supporters for enabling us in every way to be able to make a difference in the life of yet another animal.

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