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Aptly named for his ability to fight back, to regain his health, this gentle python ( Scientific name : Pythonidae ) with a will to live, slithered into our hospital with serious injuries inflicted by the jagged metal edges of an earth mover machine. With several deep wounds that could not be sutured immediately, he had to be put on NSAIDS for pain shaktimaanManagement initially.

True to his name, 5 people were needed to hold him down during his daily treatment and force feeding.

While his wound started to heal beautifully, Shaktimaan did not take his imprisonment well. The reptile showed serious anaemia in his blood profile.

After a month and half of treatment, and the best possible ones fot that matter, along with feeding the best of food, he slithered off to a better world where construction machines don’t kill animals.

Stay well Shaktimaan ! You gave us a world of experience.

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