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React & Act

How does an urban animal come to this state, and goes unreported ? Even a few  years ago, welfare groups had not made such a mark on social media. But today, in this overly connected age, it should be so much easier for any concerned citizen to seek help before an animal is eaten away by maggots. A dog was admitted from Shirdi – 7 hours away- only through coordination on social media, who would surely be dead if not for unknown people going that extra mile for her.

Look around, feel the pain of these animals, then search on Google for help. If you feel you cannot handle the situation, search for local volunteers. They exist even in the remotest corners in these days. However trivial they may seem, these wounds can kill animals viciously. Don’t let these lives be extinguished for a reason as trivial and manageable as maggots. React with love, then Act by searching for the right organisation nearest to your area with one click on


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