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Rani Laxmibai

She is from a Koli community village. While guarding her caretakers’ lane, she was attacked with a chopper, when she barked at some intruders trying to break into a home. The impact left her with an eye gouged out, a hacked limb and a scapula broken into smithereens.

Rani Laxmibai

Christina Lobo rushed to the scene and then rushed her to our Surgeon Dr. Vikram Dave. After initial intervention, she was placed in the care of Thane SPCA. Everyday, for the next three weeks, her case paper was signed off by our vets with the comment “ Prognosis Heavily Guarded”.

On the fourth day Rani came out of her comatose condition. A week later she lifted her head to start eating on her own. Two months, 3 supra major surgeries and numerous small interventions later, Rani now roams freely inside the kennel. It will be still a few days till she will be left in the garden, yet she already has International fame. A benefactor from Canada ( name withheld on request ) has come forward to take care of Rani’s lifetime expenses. Rani is made of stuff that warriors are made of !

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