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Raising Kindness Ambassadors

raising-kindness-ambassadorsAll children are pure in thoughts and deeds. All children are born kind. That’s how children like Nikhil Kamat could write this hauntingly innocent line –  

Compassion is the greatest human virtue, and from it will spring other virtues and will help children to develop into caring and optimistic adults.

Just like we need to let children play and eat proper, to develop their muscles in growing years, it is imperative to develop compassion in them from their elementary school age.. Children learn compassion through many experiences. But children who participate in programs that teach kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion and who have families that reinforce those strengths at home develop the muscles they need to become civically-engaged adolescents and adults.

Developing compassion in children involves all adults stepping up to do their parts – families, teachers, clergy, and community leader.

Let us teach our children to practice compassion in their daily lives.  Let us teach them to give and to be compassionate to the entire earth., without the need to gain anything in return. May the earth be filled with Nikhil Kamats.

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