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When The Rainbow Bridge Beckons

We’ve all loved an animal at some time in our lives. With whom our connection is instantaneous, the bond unflinching and the love unique. And when they move on, they leave behind voids that can never be filled. We hold on to their memories and we never ever forget how exceptional they were.


Jalebi was one such extraordinarily special dog.

She came to Thane SPCA in 2006, rescued from Bhandup with ghastly rear end wounds.For better or worse, her wounds took a long time to heal permanently and soon, the fat labrador with the perpetual smile became a resident at our hospital. And before we knew it, she had pushed and shoved and managed to make a place for herself in everybody’s hearts. No one was safe from her lolling charms. When she wasn’t in the office room melting people’s innards, she’d be outside eating. With a gigantic appetite, she’d devour anything and everything and we’d oblige by feeding her.

She faced her fair share of challenges in life though. Diabetes caused her to lose her eyesight, but allopathy and long-term homeopathy managed to bring it under control and also brought her eyesight back partially. She struggled with recurring tick fever recently. It affected her kidneys. Homepathy helped her kidneys to bounce back the first three times, but she could not put up anymore fight the 4th time around. Complete renal and multiple organ failure set in suddenly and on 31st December 2014, while Mumbai prepared to welcome the New year, Jalebi breathed her last, surrounded by the staff and Trustees of Thane SPCA, those who she shared her heart with.

Whenever an animal passes on, we feel sorrow and something inside of us breaks a little. But when a special animal departs, it takes a piece of us with it.

Jalebi took a big chunk of our collective hearts with her, turned it into a large beach ball and is playing catch with it on the other side of the rainbow bridge even as we speak. We’ve grieved for her, cried for her and cremated her with love in our hearts and a prayer on our lips. But most of all, we cherish her indomitable spirit, her cherubic nature, her ability to smile at every tragedy and turn it into innocent joy – and we’re grateful to have been privileged to know her and love her and be loved by her in return. Jalebi’s cremation had to wait a full day because all our staff wanted to be with her for that one last time. It must have been a special life when your loved ones delay your cremation so that they could buy time to meet you once before you are sent off on your final journey.

In memory of Jalebi and all the other four legged, winged, scaly, spiky and furry angels that bless us with their presence, here’s wishing you all a cruelty-free and wondrous new year. Taking this opportunity to thank the 2 doctors who made Jalebis life breezy – Dr. V Chariar who hosted an Opthalmic Surgeon at his clinic to get Jalebis eye sight tested, and helped her fight diabetes initially, and Dr. Madhuri Gurjar, whose Homeopathy helped Jalebi to remain just that – as sweet as a Jalebi – for 8 long years !

Happy 2015 all! Let’s make it a meaningful one for the animals!

Best wishes,


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