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Project RAHAAT

In the month of August, news streamed in, about the severe flooding in the state of Kerala due to unusual heavy rainfall. Within 2 weeks, over 400 people died, and a million were evacuated. A level 3 Calamity was declared by the Indian Government.

One of the largest rescue operations was mostly aimed at human relief. However, thousands of animals had already lost their lives and at the same time double the number were stranded, displaced, critically injured and helpless. The situation was assessed over telephone calls and emails. It was heard that although quite a few organisations were already on the ground for relief work, there still remained a lot to be done.

#ProjectRaahat was decided almost overnight over telecons between the three organisations viz, AWAAZ, RAWW and Thane SPCA. During the two weeks that followed, 350+ animals and their caretakers were provided with food, medical consummables plus other vital essentials which helped them to tide over the dark weeks. And we have been privileged to be able to have extended this support to them, for which we thank Virat Kohli Foundation, Kiran Mehta & Co and Help Animals India for standing by us.

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