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Police Dog

Station Boy Lalu

The entire Kalwa Traffic Police Department came to say the final goodbye to Lalu, the Station pet since 12 years. He expired at a ripe old age at our hospital, after performing his daily duties for all this time. For more than an hour, the Police officers regaled us with Lalu’s anecdotes. How he was abandoned in front of the station as a 3 month old, how he ate from their hands, how he was exceptionally alert about vehicles driven on the wrong side of the roads, how he confronted such drivers and kept them in one place till his Officers came to book the offender, and how he did his duty from 8 AM to 8 PM sharp. 

Salute to Lalu, for living such a productive life and being able to change the hearts of so many Police Officers. And Salute to his mentors in Uniform, we need many more clones of such officers.

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