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Pandu Kuru


Beginning of April 2019, a day old monkey baby walked into our lives. Mother DoA, an accident victim still clutching her baby, yet another challenge was thrown at us – one of hand rearing a baby monkey, something  were have done several times before. We named him Pandu.

But this time, the story had a twist. Setting our worries of human interaction while raising a single baby, to rest, a second John Doe walked in 2 days later. Mother electrocuted and instantly dead, Kuru met Pandu. 

And since then, we never had to interact with the babies other than to clean their living quarters and to feed them. Kuru and Pandu fill their days playing with each other, monkeying around, eating, sleeping and exploring their surroundings. 

When Pandu met Kuru, history was written.

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