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Moving With Change… Making Life Better

When we started off on the journey as a civil society, we never knew that electronics would become an indispensable aspect of our future activities. We were equipped with just our passion – and ‘hard copy’ documentation, and being inherently change-averse, we decidedly stayed away from cyber space for a long time.

All that changed when someone pointed out our folly of choosing to not own a laptop – we would fall behind in our work, they said. So, we got one, and that’s when we realised the significance of their words.  We became location-independent – We could work from anywhere we chose to!

Later (under protest), a friend gifted us our first smartphone (a second hand one, but smart nonetheless). The day we used it to document a cruelty case and produce it to the police on the spot, we knew we were hooked. Rescues began to be coordinated remotely, without even speaking to anyone. Then came our digital camera, a projector, two more laptops and one more smartphone for our office staff (all donated by our supporters).

Despite these electronic aids, we were still buried under mountains of paperwork. IPD and OPD forms, donation receipts, wildlife intimations, case papers, adoption forms – we were still dealing with ‘hard copies’. Until a good Samaritan presented us with a software that promised to make life a relative walk in the clouds. Rather than maintain a mountain of handwritten notes, we would now use a customised software providing smart office solutions, efficiently tracking and retaining data.

Our worst nightmares now over, we no longer worry about how to best store and organise truckloads of data. No anxieties about misplacing them. All information will now be at our fingertips, simply a click away. The company’s tagline, which first piqued our interest – “Own a system that works for you, not vice versa” – was true to its words. We now know just how significantly efficient IT and smart electronics can be, and how easy and organised they can make life in the social work arena. We are grateful for it.

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