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Mastitis – India’s Woe !

Goat with mastitis
Thane SPCA receives a large number of animals afflicted with Mastitis. Mastitis is a serious health problem with an inflammation of the mammary gland (udder) that causes a chemical and physical reaction in milk produced by cattle and goats. It is more frequent in dairy and meat animals raised under intensive and semi-intensive management practices Inflammation occurs when bacteria, viruses and the like invade the udder and/or mammary glands.

Mastitis is generally associated with poor hygienic practices and caused by the bruising of mammary tissue or teats from traumas, nursing, fly bites, or other wounds to the skin that provide an important barrier to infection. Mastitis is also associated with viral, bacterial or fungi and their toxins.


 Goat with infected udders

Usually we provide immediate relief to the animals by milking them manually. What is shocking is the amount of pus and blood that is mixed in the milk. Most milch animals have some amount of mastitis or udder infection. This means pus and blood (not seen by the naked eye  in the milk) that is produced. Need we suggest more !

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