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Maruti WAS admitted by the Raigad Forest Department. Having been immobilised and completely dehydrated from a severe electrocution and a subsequent fall, this adult male langoor travelled all the way from Raigad district to us.

Injured langoor at TSPCA

Allopathy and homeopathy treatment was started by Dr. Vikram Dave and Dr. Madhuri Gurjar, he was able to lift his head up and able to change sides by himself. However we all had to take turns all through the day to hand feed him with liquids and pureed fruits as he lost his grip and ability to open his mouth fully.

Team TSPCA with injured monkey

Dr Rina Dev, a Wildlife and Exotic Animals specialist was called in for further treatment…
Dr. Rina with Dr. Sanjay & Maruti

Everything, including wrapping him up in a sweater and keeping him on the Visitors Sofa, was done to keep him comfortable.

Maruti napping

But this was one case which failed us. Or rather we failed Maruti. After 2 weeks of constant love, care and treatment, Maruti passed on.

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