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Marching for the ‘Beasties’

Marching for the ‘Beasties’

A recent BBC news article spoke of a lion cub in Gir, who lead forest officials to his mother Rupa’s lifeless body. Apparently the cub stood guard over his mother’s corpse till the rangers returned with reinforcements. Although officials described the lion cub’s act as ‘very unusual behaviour’, it simply re-inforces my notions about animals in general, and higher mammals in particular – they think, they sense, they feel deeply and they act not just on impulse, but led by intelligent volition.

Wild animals like lions, tigers, elephants and rhinos- Keepers of the Forests of the World –  have been known to exhibit extremely sensitive behaviour and social cognizance. But what we’re doing to them is unforgivable. The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – a conglomeration of concerned organizations worldwide, of which Thane SPCA is now a part, says:

“These remarkable and highly intelligent animals are being cruelly slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, with poachers often hacking off their tusks or horns while they are still alive. The agony these helpless creatures endure, and – especially for elephants – the anguish for their surviving family members, is unimaginable. Elephants have close family bonds and rely on the elders of their group to lead and teach them; when these are killed, the herd is left devastated and shattered, and if babies lose their mother they often will not survive either.”

This is not just limited to Africa and China – the situation has been equally intense in India. Our country’s wildlife protection laws, while extremely strong, have suffered slow and weak implementation. And the corporate threat to India’s wild habitats is dire. A recent example: the Maharashtra government’s decision to give the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM) the go-ahead to clear 96,300 acres of critical tiger habitat. The lush forest area will be stripped, sold and replaced with commercial teak and bamboo plantations – the implications of this will be dire and the loss, irreplaceable.

We need to act – and we need to act NOW. For the lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants of India. These scions of the wild, these national icons, these living, breathing sentient beings of India need us. Now.

When man turns beast, man himself must regain his humanity. Thane SPCA, along with 119 other cities worldwide, marches on the behalf of these animals on World Animal Day, 4th October 2014 at 10 AM. Join the march for the ‘beasties’.

Always for the animals of the United World,


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