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Lucky revived only for the positive name given to him by his rescuers at RAWW India. Severely electrocuted and burnt, Lucky was treated by our fabulous Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Deepa Katyal. He was fostered for a few days by Lucky Collagehis vet, for administering the round the clock critical care that he needed.

Lucky became fiercely possessive of his Tiger Toy. So much so that when he was admitted back with us, he brought the toy with him. Tiger was his constant companion, through the next one month of intensive care and treatment.

As he started to recuperate, we could see how restless he was becoming to be set free. No news can be better for wild life rehabilitators. One fine day, in the early afternoon, Lucky was carried to an undisclosed destination to be released into nature. His release was videotaped . We have never seen any other primate vanish so fast into nature, so fast. We are happy, relieved ad Thankful. Have a great life, Lucky boy !!

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