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Leading by example

The Indian Institutes of Technologies (IIT) are educational institutions of National importance. One would expect that they will extend wholesome education to their students. And IIT Bombay did not disappoint.

For the first time in so many years of our working, IIT Bombay sent two of its students for 72 hrs of Community Service for being a part of Animal Cruelty. One student came to Thane SPCA for his service.

We noticed that the student, was at first almost averse to animals. Initially he was asked to scrub floors, assist the medical team, prepare vegetables and fruits for animals and birds. Over time, we noticed he had started playing with the dogs and tortoises, intimating the care giving staff about soiled cages, rushing to open the gate when emergency patients arrived. He was later given the responsibility of database maintenance. He was changing, if not fully a changed person. He had mellowed down, became punctual and more accountable.

We gave him a certificate of completion at the end of 72 hrs. His faculty was happy with the outcome. And we are hoping a seed of disciplinary trend was sown by this magnanimous institution, and which others would follow.

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