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Khadda Singh & Fadya

Khadda Singh Singh - No 1

Rescued by the same motorcyclist who ran over her on 15th September, Khadda Singh ( named after the huge Khadda or Hole on her abdomen)  did not come with any hope of survival. This was a one of a kind injury, where the muscles and tissues were torn-off by the tyre, missing the major organs by just a few centimeters.

Khadda Singh's huge injury - No 2

There was no flesh left for the injury to be closed by stitches, so the only option was thrice a day dressing, keeping her dry and clean at all times and internal medicines to support healing.

Khadda Singh's huge injury - No 2

Dr. Kaustubh’s meticulous treatment, intensive care by our support staff, Dr Madhuri’s Homeopathy and Khadda’s co-operation…
Khadda was ready to go back to her building in a matter of two months.

Fadya's case in TSPCA

Fadya (named so because of the huge tear on his abdomen) had a similarly abusive injury, where he was the victim of a fight between two shopkeepers. A most gentle natured dog, he went back home in 2 months time also.

Neither of these 2 dogs had to be restrained during their treatments. It was almost as if they co-operate because they acknowledge the love and care they receive.

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