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Gandhi Jayanti presented us with an opportunity to witness a miracle. On 2nd October 2013, our ambulance rushed to rescue a 2 month old male calf who was hit on the face by a speeding Qualis.

Close up of Jaanbaaz after accident

The mother was right beside him and it took us an hour to lure her away, while we picked him up. With a broken jaw, a damaged eye and bleeding from all orifices, this was one calf we could not pin our hopes on. He lay still with his head bent backwards.

Jaanbaaz after accident

We started allopathy and Homeopathy simultaneously. And then on 3rd October, he tried to lift his head and made one long MOOOO!
2nd day of treatment by Team TSPCA

Jaanbaaz we named him, and he had decided not to give up on himself, so there was no question why we would give up on him. By the 4th day, Jaanbaaz was tottering all around, guarded by Helen.

3rd day of treatment by Team TSPCA

Soon he started drinking milk and smashed bananas through a foodpipe. With patient love and care, he learnt to graduate to cattle feed within a months time.

His mother was never located, so Jaanbaaz was adopted by a family who has a large farm.

With a final goodbye from his caretaker at Thane SPCA.

Jaanbaaz loaded on ambulance

..a comfortable bedding during his transportation in our ambulance

Jaanbaaz inside TSPCA  Ambulance

…and a warm welcome by the farmhands at his new home …

Jaanbaaz taken to goshala

…Jaanbaaz started his new life . There he stays with others of his kind, eating, drinking and …well…just being a calf !

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