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From the rigours of pulling Victoria carriages in South Mumbai, Jack was rescued from an abusive life and sneaked into Thane SPCA for treatment and rehabilitation. A mighty Marwari, Jack came to  us limping on his highly inflamed hocks. He was escorted into the hospital by …Helen of course. Thoroughly pampered daily with extra carrots and apples everyday  and overfed with his favourite greens by  Mrs Irani, our Supervisor, .. Jack was with us for 3 months, during which time he was weaned of allopathic medicines and was kept totally on Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines. Once he was comfortably trotting, he was shifted to his new home in Karjat where he will spend time with 3 other rescued horses.

Jack the horse entering TSPCA Hospital Mamta pampering Jack Shakuntala & Irani with Jack at TSPCA Mrs. Irani with Jack - TSPCA Jack solo

TSPCA Hospital

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