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Humpty & Dumpty

Its not always that abuse leaves physical scars on animals.

humpty-dumpty1humpty-dumpty2Humpty and Dumpty were kept inside this enclosure – 3 ft X 4 ft, during 90{6907b6d92825f04ff6bb316c3da6fc322b05a5a3a0269a72589356b805ca0f15} of their lifetime. They were bought as month old puppies as a birthday gift for the family’s child who then realized that they don’t have much space for the dogs. So off they went inside this enclosure under the stair case of the building. Out for 2 small walks daily with the servant, this is where they grew up till they were “dognapped “ from their “prison cell “.

Apparently healthy, without any physical signs of abuse, we found that Humpty and Dumpty as we named them, always touch each other for comfort. They were also extremely scared to step out, so we had to keep them in one of our cattle sheds which is similar to their enclosure. Its only after 2 weeks for prodding them with treats that they started to venture out. After neutering them, they have both been placed with a family where they have a room of their own to sleep in.

 Please do not buy pets on impulse . Think, deliberate with your family and then decide. It’s a life time commitment .

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