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Hell And Back

hell-and-backOn an authorisation from the Animal Welfare Board of India to inspect a hell hole of an animal shelter, Thane SPCA travelled across 100 kms one way to a remote village in Palghar, and had to confiscate more than 23 animals with the super cooperation of Palghar Police.

Tied to poles with rusted chains, or caged for 24 hours,  some of them for more than 3 years, given a gruel of only rice once a day, we could not help but take over the custody of the animals immediately.

 Some animals had to be admitted to our hospital on an emergency, others are being fostered privately till they regain their health and can be put up for adoption. Many of the animals had compromised Liver and Kidney functions.

It is to be noted that all these animals were dumped in this shelter by so called animal lovers who never came back to see how they were being kept. Some animals were paid for life time care, some were simply given away.

All animals since then have been adopted by loving families, adoptions being a task that is  becoming more and more difficult.



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