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Heart Over Head

Iyer DogsIn any welfare, sometimes heart rules over the head. Thane SPCA came to know about a gentleman in Palghar District owning close to a 100 animals ( dogs and cats ) in his 300 sq. ft house. Unable to cope with the alarming number in the tiny flat, he reached out for help through social media. Thane SPCA decided to help out, starting with sterilizing all the animals batch by batch. We have also been able to financially help the owner to pay his electricity bills, some amount of food bills and have taken care of the animals’ dry food needs for 2 months.

Within 2 months, most of the dogs and cats have been neutered. The remaining will also be neutered in another month’s time. After which the dogs will be put up for adoption. It is important for every social worker to know his/her limits of being able to extend help, to be able to keep the movement healthy.

Thane SPCA thanks HELP ANIMALS INDIA, an US based funding organization dedicated for the betterment of Indian animals, from who we received tremendous support, both financial and moral.

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