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From the Horse’s Mouth

Twinks with SalmanOne Financial year has whisked past us. We end this year on a high note. And what a success the last year has been.

We were able to make a quantum leap in the number of animals we treated. From 6984 animals  in the year 2012-2013, this year 9653  animals passed through our doors. And when we think about our mission, it is a shared effort of so many individuals who came together. We learned to tend to bigger things by learning to nurture things that demand so little of us. Working together with your help, we have continued to rehabilitate many more special needs animals, those who had been crippled beyond repair, took more than 4-5 months to heal with us and had to be released into their original territory with specialized supervision.

A couple of the most dedicated and amazing people joined us as volunteers! They have  taken up fights against animal cruelty on behalf of us, have partnered with us to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife and have stood by our daunting daily tasks that a working hospital demands.  So on behalf of all of us, we extend a heartfelt “Thank You!”

The key difference between animal conservation and animal welfare is that conservation cares about species and extinction whereas animal welfare cares about the individual animal and its suffering. For the first time ever, Thane SPCA has created a formal partnership with the Wildlife Division of the Forest Department by forming a Joint Committee to Monitor Wildlife Rescue and create space for accommodating more wildlife in need of rehabilitation. Further this Committee will also try to form a Wildlife Cyber Crime Cell. Sale of animals, sentient beings, on a space as cold and informal as cyber space, needs to be stopped in entirety.
All in all, 2014 feels like it is going to be a fabulous year. And with God and you beside us, who can be against us !

Looking forward in a quarter

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