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From The Horse’s Mouth


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

Donors are to an organization what breath is to a body. WE have the intention; THEY give wings to our intentions. They give unhesitatingly because they believe that the DONEE organization is making a difference for the cause they care so much about. They give because they hold our work in great esteem and because they want to support us in changing the world. They invest in our work with their donations and expect us to accomplish.

There is no BIG donor or SMALL donor. Each donor parts with his hard earned professional skills or earnings, as best as they can. And each donation – be it money, time or skill – plays an integral part in accomplishing success stories.

Not gifts or trinkets, nor plaques, but Newsletters are the best way to show our recognition and appreciation for our donors. Newsletters are a way of showing them what their gifts allowed us to accomplish, how they changed the lives of beneficiaries. How their money was put to best use in our programmes. Newsletters offer them the statistics and details about the effectiveness of our work.

Our e newsletter is just that – a personal and detailed way to thank our donors and connect them to our mission. This is effectively also THEIR mission, for which they GIVE without questions.
We recognize and honour our donors through every newsletter we create, through every story we write on our website. Every life helped echoes with an immense gratefulness for those who remain in the background and give with complete faith is our activities. We may not be able to name each and every one of them in our newsletter, but we want each one of them to know – WE THANK YOU for helping us change the world one step at a time, for helping us to make a change for the better! Thank you from all of us at Thane SPCA.

Best Wishes

Shreyasi Majumdar


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