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From The Horse’s Mouth

From Darkness Into The Light!

The wheel of Animal welfare – or for that matter, any kind of social welfare – comprises many spokes. Without these, animal welfare would be meaningless.

We save lives on a regular basis. We rescue ill and injured animals and bring them to our hospital to recuperate. There is nothing great about it, since this is the mission we had set out to accomplish.

How many of us have ever given a thought to what happens to the animals who do not have a caretaker to go back to? What does a Hospital do with such animals? Simply leave them on the roads after they are cured?

NO! This is where a silent army of individuals overflowing with kindness, steps in. They open out their homes, hearts and hearths to accommodate ‘one more owner-less’ animal into their lives. These are the people who without distinction, adopt lives that have been rejected by their original owners. They guide these lost souls FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT.

Our Diwali edition of this newsletter is dedicated to those families and individual Brave-hearts everywhere in the country who have given a second chance to animals who have been rejected, knowing fully well that these animals can never lose their innate ability to love selflessly.

MajorUrvi and Nawab with Friends

Without these angels of light, the wheel of compassion would be incomplete. We offer our absolute gratitude to the ADOPTERS of India ! May you have a blessed, compassion-filled Diwali and enlightened lives.

Best Wishes,

Shreyasi Majumdar

TSPCA Hospital

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