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From The Horse’s Mouth

I write to you as the Financial Year has just drawn to a close. I write to you in this first communication of the year, with a sense of satisfaction, about our work and initiatives undertaken during the last year.

Thane SPCA remains  committed to the Ameliorative and Preventive causes  for street animals which we have been espousing since 10 years.  When we started the Hospital 9 years ago, it was with the dream of being able to provide solace to the unheard, unnoticed street animals, who die miserably and silently. So the Hospice facility continues to be our identity and flagship activity. Our medical care programme has been strengthened with the appointment of more staff and this process will continue in the coming year as well.

We continued our critical surgeries program  throughout the year. This has been a  milestone  for a small organization like us. We have made significant investments in  surgical equipments. We are  committed to owners and caretakers of our patients who put their trust in us.

Our general medicine is more broad based now. With Homeopathy becoming a mainstream treatment option with more than excellent result, patient confidence is improving. This is proved by more and more animals now coming to us for treatment from Mumbai city as well as from Raigad. With constant  progress and determination to sustain it we hope to continue  to make a difference to many more lives this year.

Change is the only constant for us. Along the way, we realized that there needs to be many more supporting  activities in order to bring down animal suffering. We have partnered with Humane Society International – India  in their Vegetarian Campaign. We are looking forward to make people aware of “Where Our Food Come From “.

We are at the threshold of a brand new year and have promises to keep. We shall strive to do so during the 9th year as we have, with your support.
We always count on your support and will continue to do so, because we believe that we have only been an instrument which animal lovers like you have chosen to work with, to diminish the suffering of helpless mute animals.

Wishing you all Peace, Prosperity and Happiness this year

Best regards

Shreyasi Majumdar

TSPCA Hospital

N.K.T Compound, Besides
Brahmand Complex,
Azadnagar, Kolshet Road
Maharashtra - 400607