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From The Horse’s Mouth

Colours of Light and Hope.

Our newsletter for this quarter has come in quite late.  An unprecedented error in our website due to a virus attack had to be corrected thoroughly before we could circulate the newsletter to you. We are sincerely sorry for this.

In the meanwhile this year’s Diwali celebration reminded us of all the lives that we have helped move from Darkness to Light. Ever since we started our weekly critical surgeries, endless street animals , if they could speak, would talk about the efficacy of safe and quality surgical and post surgical care provided by us. In addition to animals from Thane, we now have eager animal caretakers from all over Mumbai who admit animals with us for the assurance of this quality treatment.

Most of our patients who avail our services are un-owned. This brings upon us a huge responsibility of maintaining continuity of our activities and raising adequate funds for the same.

It is our constant endeavour to keep pace with advancing times and rising hopes, human resources and overall operations – which would never be possible without your faith and support, and which we will always appreciate, respect and value.

Wishing all of our Patrons and well wishers a belated Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year – it’s better late than never.


Shreyasi Mejumdar

TSPCA Hospital

N.K.T Compound, Besides
Brahmand Complex,
Azadnagar, Kolshet Road
Maharashtra - 400607