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From the Horse’s Mouth

( Shreyasi Majumdar, Editor )

From Despair to Hope

Though most of you know about the work of Thane SPCA, I take this opportunity to remind all of you about the humble beginning we made in 2002 working on the roads of Thane district, travelling in auto rickshaws to reach spots to alleviate the sufferings of animals .

To say it was difficult in India’s largest district , would be an understatement. Initially we had started out by reaching only animals within the district of Thane, however within a couple of years, by the end of 2007 we had started to offer our services in Mumbai and Raigad as well. With the donation of a second ambulance from the Dr & Mrs. S.H.M. Modi Trust, we were now able to attend to double the number of animals and birds.

During the last year, we had recast our vision to offer specialist services for the population of patients who come to us with a lot of trust and expectation. We wondered why only owned animals would get the benefit of specialized surgical equipments, while the stray population depended only on run of the mill procedures. We decided that the first service in this domain would be to extend the same surgical facilities to strays as we would to owned animals.

Accordingly, In 2011, as we mark the 7th anniversary of our compassionate service, we inaugurated the newly set up fully equipped Operation Theatre, which was a dream come true for our efforts of the last two years. This was an important beginning of a new chapter for all of us, who have been working under the umbrella of Thane SPCA because this Operation Theatre gave a true meaning to our mission statement. I take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust, Kanan and Hemang Shah, “ Buddy Lalwani “ and the Rotary Club of Lakers Powai for having made this possible with their grants and donations. We do hope that with this value addition, our programmes and activities will gather more steam and purpose.

With this we were able to give minute care to the critical animals in our care .For this we are grateful for support from the Tilaknagar Industries Ltd and Ajit Balakrishnan Foundation. Poverty does not allow good intentions to step forward. Thanks to the donors, during these times of inflation, we have been able to retain the services of our staff. We are happy to see, that side by side with the high ratio of patients walking out of the hospital after recovery, the standard of living of our staff have also been alleviated, and so have their quality of service towards the animals.

“It is an achievement for Thane SPCA to continuously grow and serve both animals, their owners and their caretakers with better and enhanced services in our 8th year of Operations. It reaffirms our commitment to work towards better and affordable healthcare facilities. We are confident that our initiatives will encourage more people to partner with us and help us show the way from Despair to Hope.

Best regards,

Shreyasi Majumdar

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