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From the Horse’s Mouth

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”
Steve Maraboli

We cry different tears. Happy tears. When we are physically in pain. Or while chopping onions. But possibly we never completely accept the tears of sadness. Especially when theyre about those we love.

This monsoon brought with itself a lot of tears. Our mason, Surinder Mistry, who had graduated from a worker to a dear friend of the organisation, left us numb with his sudden demise. He left a lot of work in our hospital and in his private life undone. Our oldest staff and ambulance driver Shriram lost his 8-year old son and his mother in the span of a week. There were other losses also.

But there was work to be done. Miles to be travelled. Grief can never be an excuse to not move on. So amidst all the chaos, we finished the expansion and renovation of the Operation Theatre a project we had embarked on in June and finished early August. We reduced, but never stopped the surgeries while construction was ongoing. Our new Operation Theatre, enhanced with brand new medical and surgical equipment has been a source of professional satisfaction for our surgeons. The second phase of expansion includes building an Intensive Care Unit in the premises, which will be equipped with an incubator, suction pump, multipara, a gurney, and a crash cart. Construction will commence as soon as the heavy, erratic monsoons recede.

All this, with the determination to provide the maximum advancements in intensive care that we can provide to our animal friends, in a relatively unconducive environment riddled with space shortages and lack of adequate manpower. We remain certain that Surinder an ardent animal lover himself, will be smiling from ear-to-ear with every progress we make.

We take the opportunity to thank B S Marshall’s Foundation, Ajit Balakrishnan, The Choksi Family, Bubla Basu  and  Simran Kaur for supporting the renovation of our Operation Theatre.

Much warmth,







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