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From The Horse’s Mouth

Far from the madding crowds? Or a luminous part of the human superstructure?

Nineteenth century British writer A. E. Coppard famously said, “To be far from the madding crowd, is to be mad indeed.” While introspection in solitude and deep meditation are vital to evolution of an individual’s character, it is also important for people (especially some animal, environmental and wildlife conservation activists who take misanthropy to extremes) to acknowledge the importance of the human collective, its duality, to recognize that humans are both the blight and the light. Whilst a certain section of human society is capable of abominable atrocities that shake us to our very core, another part of the community is capable of immense compassion, intelligence, and selfless service. Humans degrade and destroy, and humans come together to build and create. The former is what we must deal with (as social activists) in a dispassionate and unattached way, but the latter is what we must turn our energies and thoughts towards.

For instance, ‘crowd funding’. Crowdfunding – simply put, is the process of raising money for individual projects or ventures, by obtaining contributions from a large number of people. Increasingly conducted via internet-based registries, crowdfunding usually comprises one promoter who initiates the idea of the project, individuals/groups supporting the project and a platform on which these people come together to launch the initiative. Many social charities use crowdfunding to fund their specific projects and animal welfare as a social cause especially is no stranger to this process. An example: On , a crowdfunding platform, numerous animal advocacy organisations, shelters and protection groups have crowd funded their campaigns – like ‘Edgar’s mission’ which needed funds for a new site for their animal sanctuary, raised over $162,000 from 1,800 people across 17 countries in just two months. This was far beyond their initial goal of $50,000 and this is just one example of the wonders of crowdfunding.

The reason I’m talking about this is to bring forward the immense human potential when it comes to fundraising in animal welfare. It’s possible, it’s real and it involves garnering the help of genuinely interested, compassionate people. So if there is anyone out there, who has a specific animal rights/welfare-related project in mind, but doesn’t know where to start, come talk to us – if it shows promise, we could potentially begin a crowdfunding campaign to help you see that project through to completion. Remember, crowdfunding applies to ventures and individual projects ONLY and not people or organisations in general. So don’t be shy, come talk to us. Fresh ideas to forward the animal welfare movement are always worth considering.

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