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From The Horse’s Mouth

social_mediaIt’s the New Age Revolution. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Web-based blogs. Powerful aids put to practise not only as a business tool and office work, but so successfully in elevating the standards and efficacy of social work.

Only in the last one year, we have seen revolutions in welfare of animals through Social Media. Hundreds of online petitions have taken cognisance of singular and en masse animal cruelty. There has been an unprecedented Global rising of voices on behalf of animals listed on extinction, animals slaughtered at Gadhimai, bulls pierced to death at bull fights and dog meat festivals. Many of these campaigns ended successfully for animals.

Recently however we have witnessed a new breed of renegade social bloggers. . Thy harm their movement by blogging and posting impulsively, posting inflammatory statements about politics, race and species, putting their movement in very bad light. The effects , especially intemperate rantings regarding politics, religion and race, can be very chilling.

While using the cyberspace to our advantage, we need to understand and respect the way our online presence complements or conflicts with our movement. There is much that we should not do on social media, but the wealth of information to be shared outweighs the Dont’s.

Let us choose our words carefully. Digital words, unlike in real life, stay around forever.
Let us keep professional blog content professional.
Let us be prepared for all kinds of responses from our readers.
Let us not reveal contents for which we have no permission to write.
Let us carefully consider materials posted ad the credibility of the sources.

Let us focus only on positivity. The Universe returns what we dwell on.

When used well, technology should complement rather than replace services, and should offer greater inclusion by increasing reach.

Best wishes and looking ahead to another year on e – interaction


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