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From the Horse’s Mouth

Together We can

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.”

–Henry Ford

There are 20+ organizations working for animals in Mumbai and Thane. The average experience of the senior organizations is 10+ years and more. There are several informal networks and individual activists. Though each one of these organizations work very closely with the others, what was lacking was a cohesive force to merge them into a TEAM. To unite all organizations under one umbrella has also been a dream of Thane SPCA and one of its Patron members, since many years.

Propelled by this emotion, several organisations (ASHA, IDA, RAWW, SOS, Thane SPCA, WFA, WSD) of Greater Mumbai came together and met with each other to discuss forming a United Federation. After agreeing in principle, they requested FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation, an umbrella body of all Animal Welfare Organisations in India ) to help set up a local Federation, which would be called the Greater Mumbai Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (GM – FAPO).

GM- FAPO will provide a platform where all organisations will come together, share ideas, network, and learn to collaborate on local issues that no single organisation has the capacity for alone, and that no national organisation could take up.

It will provide a focal point, from where external expertise can be gained, capacity can be developed, and a stronger case presented – an interface for a strengthened local animal protection community.

GM – FAPO will provide peer support, which can also enable sharing common services.
Organisationally, the Greater Mumbai FAPO will be a Democratic, Independent, low budget inclusive Knowledge and action center.

As FIAPO summarized in its report after the meeting to decide the formation of the GM-FAPO : “ Movements are built up of people, not animals. Investing in each other, building relationships and trust is central to the success in this revolution for the welfare of the twin city’s animals.”

Best wishes for this unique effort from across the seas,


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