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Flight Of The Stars

On the 22nd of September, 285 Star Tortoises were repatriated from Mumbai to the Banerghatta National Park,  back to their native habitat via Indian Airlines Flight.

This was the third time around for Thane SPCA, to be actively involved in a repatriation process, not to mention the rehabilitation tenure for the last 3 years, wherein we housed 60 star tortoises rescued or raided or surrendered in various cases. Many of them were handed over to us by the Forest Department since the Department does not have a place to keep these animals.

Mortality rate of this species, especially if they are juveniles, can be a matter of alarming proportions. It became necessary to initiate action for their rehabilitation.

To start with Thane SPCA took the lead in DNA sampling of random species, as a matter of good conservation effort. This was possible only with active help from Dr. Gowri Mallapur, Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar and RAWW India officials. When the results revealed that the batches were all from South India, Karnataka was chosen as the final destination.

The Maharashtra  Forest Department started communications with Karnataka Forest Department and procured permissions with for repatriation of the species. A total of 285, housed with Thane SPCA, RAWW India and WCCB, were released back to their natural habitat.

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