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Amit Pathak, one of the most dedicated animal rescuers of Mumbai, found E.T in Andheri. He followed him, cornered him and rescued him with the determination of a bulldog ! All so that, E.T. ( so named by our staff ) could live the rest of his life in dignity. Not hiding in a dilapidated run down bungalow, fighting every moment to hide from people lest he be stoned to death, which was anyways imminent.

Alien as found by Amit Pathak Alien at TSPCA

For the rest of the 3 weeks that he lived, E.T was loved dearly by our staff. His X rays showed a radio opaque mass covering the entire skull. Aspiration was performed by Dr Vikram Dave to confirm the same. It was an extensive tumor covering the whole skull. Prognosis was very very guarded. At first, he didn’t eat much, many of his teeth having all fallen out. He had also become totally blind maybe due to the tumor. He was on prolonged pain management. Nothing else could be done. Even radiation therapy would be too prolonged and painful for him. He passed away after 3 weeks of stay with us, 4 meals a day, a lot of pampering from Mrs Irani. Thanks to Amit Pathak and Rajesh Savla, who drove him to the Hospital, we got this opportunity to give E.T a dignified end.

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