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Droopy, a severely abused Neopolitan mastiff

This is Droopy, a 9 month old Neopolitan Mastiff whom we rescued on request of a member of a neighbour who wished to remain anonymous. One of the most hideous cases of abuse and neglect, Droopy was riddled with holes all over his body and bleeding from all his mucous membranes.He is malnourished, dehydrated, never groomed and never had a vet visit in his entire lifetime. Because of his malnourishment, he has long but yellow and brittle nails. Almost bald in patches, his skin smelled foul, was dehydrated and filled with ticks and dandruff. He is a veterinarians nightmare.

After 4 days of treatment, 4 heavy meals a day, complete privacy where he is allowed to sleep as much as he likes and grooming on alternate days, Droopy’s coat already has a shine on it. He is now able to stand up without bleeding from his paws and able to eat without his gums bleeding. He responds to his new name – Droopy ( for his droopy eyes ).

It will take him no less than 2 months to get completely cured physically and a lifetime to forget his abuse. With 3 tentative homes ready to adopt him, he is spending his days on hope and a prayer !!


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