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Despite Lockdown …

What did we do during the 5 months of lockdown ? Were we functional? Were we partially closed? What about staff attendance? 

While we had to close down admission and ambulance service during the first few weeks, till we could  procure essential passes for ourselves, we resumed back to normalcy very soon. We kept our OPD Dept open all through, though the caretakers were requested to wait outside, we picked and dropped each of our staff from their respective homes, wherever they live, we used the time to clean every corner of the facility, we treated all animals, and we continued our critical care and animal birth control surgeries-albeit keeping a low profile. 

A Femoral Head Ostectomy performed for the fracture of proximal end of femoral head, a completely broken carapace and plastron on an RES as a result of a possible anthropogenic injury, an amputation of limb with hemangiosarcoma, Scrotal ablations, mammary tumor excisions, bone pinnings and platings, eyeball ablations, Peotomies – these were only some of the many surgeries that were performed during the lockdown period. 

Thanks to modern technology coupled with compassionate staff and animal lovers, our vets and animal caretakers are able to give back quality life to street animals.

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