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Chimpy solo

Chimpy’s mother was killed in a road rage while her baby was still attached to her with the placenta. The mother was declared DOA and our staff separated the baby from the mother at the hospital. The youngest patient ever to be admitted to our facility, she had to be drip fed with a syringe initially, because she had no clue how to suckle. With the perseverance of Mrs Irani over the first few weeks, she took  to a bottle successfully. Weaned from a  2 hourly feeding schedule, from 7 AM till 6 PM, a couple of non toxic  non toxic soft toys to replace her mother and complete adoration from every staff and member, we think Sayonara ( because of her Japanese features ) aka Chimpy has become a  3 month old spoilt brat – just like Chota Bheem !

Dev with Chimpy Mrs Irani with Chimpy Mrs irani

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