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Celebrating Bhadra

BhadraBhadra is a story of grit. Of dogged persistence. And not the least, of Hope. She sends us a message that evil always loses to good. That evil always brings out the best in humanity. Thane SPCA is humbled to witness the courage in humanity. Thane SPCA is honoured to instate an award in the name of Bhadra. Animal rescue does not run on good intentions alone. There are various costs involved in it. Transportation. Medication, legal, judicial, the list is endless. As an organisation we understand this and therefore, every year an amount of Rs.25,000/- will be awarded at the India for Animals Conference, to a rescuer or a group of rescuers for a cruelty case which will also see a closure with penalising the perpetrator.

Celebrating Bhadra…

Celebrating courage…

Celebrating Hope.

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