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Two consignments of 450 Indian Soft Shelled  Turtles ( Nilssonia Gangetica ) and Spotted Pond Turtles ( Geoclamis Hamiltonii )were seized by the Mumbai Airport Air Intelligence Unit, just before they were being shipped off to Kualalumpur to end up as fancy dishes at restaurant dinner tables. […]

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Summer Rescues

Performing and Breeding animals are amongst the most abused of all species of animals. Centred only around their commercial value, the animals are used and reused, without adequate food, water and proper living conditions, for the services they provide. There are stringent laws for Performing and Breeding […]

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NilssoniaLeithii, a 9 kilo Indian Softshelled Turtle, listed as a Vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List, found his way into our hospital and our hearts with his aggressive attitude, a head full of abrasions and an injured carapace. Terrestrial freshwater reptiles, they are extensively hunted for […]

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Heart Over Head

In any welfare, sometimes heart rules over the head. Thane SPCA came to know about a gentleman in Palghar District owning close to a 100 animals ( dogs and cats ) in his 300 sq. ft house. Unable to cope with the alarming number in the tiny […]

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The Universe Grants !!

On the eve of our 10th Birthday, Thane SPCA installed a Digital Hi definition X Ray unit with Digital Reader for the benefit of our animal, bird and reptile friends ! Taking this opportunity to thank The Almighty God who sent us our esteemed donors  Karuna Charitable […]

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Slum Croc Millionaire

Raided by the WCCB, just before being sold off at a very high price to a private party, two tiny crocodile babies made their way into our hands and hearts via the Mumbai Forest Range. With no facilities to give 24 hr care to these reptiles, the […]

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Counting Colours in the Rainbow

We have approached several well known schools to expose their students to Humane Education. Only to be rebuffed with the excuse of No time in the busy schedule for all this. Thank God for Schools like Orchid International, Rainbow School, Discovery School and Paathshaala, where young students […]

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About Elephants, Bullhooks and Chains…

  A Training and Awareness Generation Programme for Forest Officers on issues related to Monitoring Captive Wild Animals was arranged and conducted by Thane SPCA with logistical support by RAWW . Pachyderm expert Dr Yaduraj Khadpekar of Wildlife SOS was specially invited to be the Guest Speaker […]

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A Decade Gone By

    It has been a non – stop 24 X 7 service to animals for the last 10 years. There were thrilling moments when an animal in the face of death has walked out healthy, there have been those down moments when an apparently healthy animal […]

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Humpty & Dumpty

Its not always that abuse leaves physical scars on animals. Humpty and Dumpty were kept inside this enclosure – 3 ft X 4 ft, during 90{6907b6d92825f04ff6bb316c3da6fc322b05a5a3a0269a72589356b805ca0f15} of their lifetime. They were bought as month old puppies as a birthday gift for the family’s child who then realized […]

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