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Pet Shop Raid At Kurla

The Bird Committee appointed by Hon’ble The Bombay High Court raided the Kurla animal market as a routine procedure. Even though we have repeatedly seen these markets and the sufferings of the  animals and birds in them, these images never fail to distress us.        Pictures […]

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Costlier Than Gold

146 tortoises belonging to two critically endangered species, endemic to Madagascar, were confiscated by airport officials of Mumbai International Airport. 139 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) and 7 Angonoka or Ploughshare Tortoises (Astrochelys Yniphora) were wrapped tightly in plastic bags and were en route from Madagascar to Nepal. […]

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Most of you already know this story. The rescue of Balaram was coordinated by multiple animal NGOs. He was picked up by RAWW India and brought to Thane SPCA Animal Hospital. After initial first aid, our wildlife vet Dr. Deepa Katyal decided to staple the deep wounds. […]

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Local shopkeepers who sleep outside their shops, woke up to agonising cries. Their favourite dog Roopi was writhing in pain. Someone had burnt her, with what, they did not know at that point. They looked around for the culprit/s, but no one was to be found. Roopi […]

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Slash ( actual name Joy ) has a dedicated group of young caretakers who love him to bits. Post Dushera celebrations, an unknown person, heady with alchohol, slashed Joy on the stomach. He escaped in the caretakers scurry to save him. His entrails had all spilled out […]

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Star Light, Star Bright!

  Star, a male golden and white cat, was shot with an air gun by his neighbor. There can be no reason for this kind of behavior, so we will not even get into that. From our Surgery Sheet: 3 wounds on left side of body. 3 […]

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Where Does Your Food Come From

These are not the good old days of yore. When cows were revered and loved as family members. When they grazed full day in lush green pastures and shared their milk with the family. These pictures depict the modern day dairies. Here cows spend the five to […]

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Laraku, because even after he was rescued with multiple fractures in his hind leg, he still tried to break his cage open trying to run away. Laraku, because when the vets unanimously nodded in agreement about euthanasia, he started eating on his own. Laraku, because his blood […]

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HE !

This is a re run of a story of oft told cruelty. They are used as money spinning machines as long as they are healthy. The moment there is an injury which is irreversible, they are abandoned without a thought. HE was found lying in a wide […]

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Building Bridges

Police are the implementing agencies for all Indian laws. Animal activists need to ensure that the Police Department is updated with all laws, amendments, and typical case studies in animal cruelty. Helping us to do that the BPRD (Bureau Of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home […]

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