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Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle in “Alice in Wonderland” went to school. Mock Turtle here, came to our hospital. Rescued from a creek where he was stuck in the vines, Mock Turtle was admitted by the Kalyan Range Forest Division, to treat some abrasions on his flipper. Mock Turtle brought […]

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Celebrating Bhadra

Bhadra is a story of grit. Of dogged persistence. And not the least, of Hope. She sends us a message that evil always loses to good. That evil always brings out the best in humanity. Thane SPCA is humbled to witness the courage in humanity. Thane SPCA […]

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India Stands United

A one-of-its –kind conference being held in India, India for Animals ( IfA ), hosted by India’s only Federation of Indian Animal Protection Orgaisations ( FIAPO ) is held biennially in premium cities. Activists not only from within India, but also from foreign shores, attend this 3 […]

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Rani Laxmibai

She is from a Koli community village. While guarding her caretakers’ lane, she was attacked with a chopper, when she barked at some intruders trying to break into a home. The impact left her with an eye gouged out, a hacked limb and a scapula broken into […]

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Working With Working Animals

Thane district witnesses a large number of working equines , especially donkeys. They are used for construction sites and by the railways while laying down new lines. While in most municipalities, local NGOs do not fight for the cause of donkeys, Thane city has seen a sea […]

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Raising Kindness Ambassadors

All children are pure in thoughts and deeds. All children are born kind. That’s how children like Nikhil Kamat could write this hauntingly innocent line –  Compassion is the greatest human virtue, and from it will spring other virtues and will help children to develop into caring and […]

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Hell And Back

On an authorisation from the Animal Welfare Board of India to inspect a hell hole of an animal shelter, Thane SPCA travelled across 100 kms one way to a remote village in Palghar, and had to confiscate more than 23 animals with the super cooperation of Palghar […]

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Hand In Hand

One rainy day, we got a call from the Mumbai Range of the Maharashtra Forest Department. They were on the verge of raiding a premise which held many wild birds, but the Department did not have a vehicle or a cage available to ferry the birds back […]

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One could not but think of any other name when this burly fellow was carried into the hospital in a big basket. He was a bat and he was a man. As big as one with human expressions on his face. His wing was broken and bleeding […]

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Aptly named for his ability to fight back, to regain his health, this gentle python ( Scientific name : Pythonidae ) with a will to live, slithered into our hospital with serious injuries inflicted by the jagged metal edges of an earth mover machine. With several deep […]

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