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Nanha Farishta

  This hyperactive young female Rhesus had to be rescued from a Housing Society in Mumbai city, where she had made a home for herself in the Managing Committee room. She had several injuries on her chest to treat which we needed to befriend her. She took […]

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Khadda Singh & Fadya

Rescued by the same motorcyclist who ran over her on 15th September, Khadda Singh ( named after the huge Khadda or Hole on her abdomen)  did not come with any hope of survival. This was a one of a kind injury, where the muscles and tissues were […]

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From the rigours of pulling Victoria carriages in South Mumbai, Jack was rescued from an abusive life and sneaked into Thane SPCA for treatment and rehabilitation. A mighty Marwari, Jack came to  us limping on his highly inflamed hocks. He was escorted into the hospital by …Helen […]

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We planted a lawn for our tortoises and our duck

In this quarter we planted a lawn for our tortoises and our duck – Pakya, saved Chota Baba the calf with a fractured leg, from the middle of a busy highway hand reared him till he was fit to eat on his own, rescued a Bonnet Macaque along […]

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The Story of Eva

Eva :- Admitted to Thane SPCA on 01/05/2012 History :- Found on the road outside Kapaswadi, only in a skin and bone condition, afflicted with severe distemper and still having been put through an attempt to sterilise her. Diagnosis :- Anaemic, anorexic, cannot lift any body part from floor, severe […]

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The Long Journey Home

Thane SPCA had some very special visitors in the month of April 2002. Out of a whole lot of abused animals that were rescued from a farm in Delhi, a batch of 8 started for their new home in and around Mumbai. A 3 day travel co-ordinated […]

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Gutsy – ( A Miracle from Nalasopara Railway Station )

She lay dying on the railway tracks at Nalasopara, Thane district. Luckily she lay on the Goods train track which is not frequently visited by locomotives. She may have been lying there for more than 24 hours before some kind souls spotted her on their way to […]

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Victims of Urbanisation

A female Bonnet Macaque was admitted in Thane SPCA Animal Hospital. She was battered and pregnant. For the next few days she could not even hold her head up straight or eat food and drink water. She had to be hand fed pureed fruits and fed water […]

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Darkness to Light

This is Droopy, a 9 month old Neopolitan Mastiff whom we rescued on request of a member of a family who wished to remain anonymous. One of the most hideous cases of abuse and neglect, Droopy was riddled with maggot filled holes all over his body and […]

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Sandy, yet another Happy Story from our Fairytale book.

Sandy, yet another Happy Story from our Fairytale book. Rescued from Navi Mumbai, with Dr. V. Chariar’s magic treatment and a whole lot of TLC from our staff, Sandy healed much faster than many other animals.         After having been spayed by Dr. Vikram […]

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